Custom Hammered Copper Dining Table With Octagon Wooden Base

Distinctive... Amazing Craftsmanship... a Simply Beautiful Statement

This stunning hammered copper dining table presents a gorgeous top, with a beautiful patina pattern. It offers ample room to seat up to 8 comfortably.

Th distinctive wooden base features a curved octagon pedestal, with beautiful tones of a medium walnut finish. Each table is unique, as the artisan works individually with the hammered copper and wood. Plenty of room for all at 60" diameter by 31" high.

See photos for example pairing with our custom leather dining room chairs in Fargo Whiskey & Driftwood Moonlight (chairs sold separately).

Please note that the copper top and the wooden base present the natural colors of these materials, and each piece is slightly different due to its hand-made process. This adds to the natural and unique beauty of each individual piece, which may vary from representative photographs. 

This style of table can be customized to your own unique style and tastes regarding wood finish and the top. Please call for a consultation anytime! 

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