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Custom Mesquite Dining Table With Turquoise Inlay

Distinctive... Remarkable... & Simply Beautiful

Imagine this beautiful mesquite dining table gracing your dining room, with its amazing tones of warm mesquite wood, graced with turquoise artisan inlay. The iron base features elegantly swooping curves. Each table is unique, as the artisan works individually with the wood to design and create the inlay (see photographs of pattern). There are gentle clefts burnished into the wood around the perimeter, and all the different segments of wood create individual patterns unique to each table for both the top and edge.

Plenty of room for all at 60" diameter by 31" high.

Please note that the wooden top and its inlay present the natural colors of the wood and turquoise, and each piece is slightly different due to its hand-made process. This adds to the natural and unique beauty of each individual piece, which may vary from representative photographs. 

This style of table can be customized to your own unique style and tastes regarding wood finish and inlay, including red coral stones. Please call for a consultation anytime!