Ledge Lounger Signature Ice Bin Side Table With Lid in Granite Grey

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$ 459.99

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The Ice Bin Side Table has been extending pool days since 2016.

It is a side table, beverage cooler and umbrella base, all built into one. The spacious, self-draining Ice Bin holds up to 12 cans or a variety of bottles, and has multiple removable lid options for you to choose from. Increase your pool day relaxation by pairing the Ice Bin Side Table with the umbrella of your choice for added shade. No umbrella sleeve? No problem. The Ice Bin Side Table serves as an umbrella base, or it can be paired with a built-in umbrella sleeve for added stability. Add a few drinks and lay back, relax and enjoy your perfect pool day.

Also available in lots of other colors and also with lids which have a special hole cutout for an umbrella. Feel free to contact us so we can tailor your ice bin to your outdoor color choices!

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