Myra Bag Jaune Weekender Tote

Looking for a vibrant bag that is perfect for everyday use? This Jaune Weekender Bag will do the trick! Enjoy the bright textiles on the upcycled rug and tooled leather detailing along the top and adorned with a metal medallion and fringe detail. Pack for a professional trip or a girls weekend away and have enough room for several items and light enough to be a carry on. 

Importantly, this bag is engineered to be light for the traveler on the go.

Materials Canvas, Leather & Rug
Item Width 19.5"
Item Depth 8.5"
Item Height 16"
Handle 13"

Note that the exact pattern of the canvas, upcycled rug, and leather as pictured may vary slightly due to the spun, crafted nature of the item.